How to Prevent Spam On Your WordPress Website?

If you’re running your website on WordPress, the best way to prevent spam is to use Akismet, a spam prevention plugin by Automattic, the makers of WordPress. This plugin is now a premium plugin and there are a few different pricing plans you can choose depending on what kind of website you are running (personal website or business website, and level of traffic). How to Prevent Spam On Your WordPress Website?

Prevent Spam On Your WordPress Website
Prevent Spam On Your WordPress Website

An alternative to Akismet is the FREE anti-spam WordPress plugin, Antispam Bee. Antispam Bee detects spam in comments and trackbacks on your WordPress website and displays a spam counter on your dashboard. No data is saved on servers.

To enable Akismet on your WordPress blog, go to the Plugins panel and activate the Plugin. You will be prompted to get an API key from after you sign up for a payment plan. After Akismet is activated, you’ll see a menu added to the Comments Panel that holds a list of “caught” comment spam.

Unwanted Comments and Comment Spam

There are many ways to protect your blogs from unwanted comments:

Do Not Approve Spam Comments

Some people, in an attempt to inflate their credibility and increase the number of comments on their blog posts, think it is OK to approve spam comments.  That is a No No people!

  • Google does not like bad links.  The last thing you want is for Google to think you’re allowing bad links onto your website, even if they are just in the comments. When your site is crawled by the search engines and they are taken to bad links, this can have a negative affect on your ranking.
  • Shows lack of moderation.  It gives a very bad impression and shows that you are not actively taking care of your site when the comments are loaded with spam.
  • Lack of Care for your Readers.  What if a reader clicks on a link to another comment author’s website and is taken to a porn site?  If you wouldn’t link to a website in your content, chances are you shouldn’t let someone link to it in your comments.  Always check the website link first before approving a comment.

What other spam prevention plugins do you recommend? Please share recommendations in comments below.

Looking for another great way to protect your WordPress website? Check out my previous post that walks you step-by-step through the process of backing up your WordPress website to Dropbox.

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