In this tutorial I will explain, top 10 must do steps you need to take to protect WordPress Website. A common question of often ask by new website owner is to saved platform for my business or my eCommerce website? Is answer to that YES, however, just like we need to for cautions to protect our homes our cares and other things, it’s similarly important to take steps to protect your website. So, here are my top steps to protect WordPress website.

Step 1# – Do Not Use “Admin” as Your Username

Admin is the default username used by all WordPress installation and as result its first username that hackers will try to hack your WordPress account and your WordPress website. So, it’s important you use a username that is not admin, if you currently using this username called admin that I recommend you changed it.

Step 2# – Keep Your Site Updated-Protect WordPress Website

Keep your WordPress website updated this include your version plugin and clean, the reason why this is so important because developer is often coming out with update to their products which often include patches to security hold that mapped in discover. So, continue to use old plugin themes or WordPress version their out of date you are really opening up your website to potential issues and risks. So, it’s important to keep your WordPress website updated, and how do you that just you wane go to your dashboard website, from update option you can update your WordPress website.

Step 3# – Keep a Strong Password

“Be sure to use a strong password” is advice we all constantly see online. It is important that sometimes most obvious things that their often the most over lock things, but we wane comes a website security weak password is often the corporate for some kind of website issue or hack, so make sure when setting up your WordPress website you are using a strong password. But if someone else is able to guess or retrieve your password, they bypass almost every security measure we have because will see this person as you. They could then make any changes they wish to your blog or account including the deletion of your content. On WordPress website they do avoid some tips how to select strong password click on link…

Step 4# – Choose a Reliable Web Host

Choose a host web host: Most smart business owners utilize websites and blogs to engage with existing clients and reach potential customers. While most business owners see the value of creating awesome content, the importance of selecting a good web host often takes a back seat. In my experience, most small businesses end up making a wrong choice in the beginning because they do not properly evaluate their needs, if you think choosing the wrong web hosting can’t have a negative impact on your income, think again.

Step 5# – Prevent Brute Force Attacks

A Brute Force Attack aims at being the simplest kind of method to gain access to a site: it tries usernames and passwords, over and over again, until it gets in. Attacking website using Brute Force is an old technique and still, exists on the Internet. Brute Force attacks can take your website down and disrupt your online business if necessary prevention tool is not in place. Brute Force attack can be applied either using human or bots by continuously trying to login with guessed credentials into your WordPress website.

Step 6# – Install a WordPress Security Plugin

Install a WordPress security plugin, many plugins are there to secure your WordPress Website, some of the top three plugin that I recommend include

  • iThemes Security is the #1 WordPress Security Plugin: iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security) gives you over 30+ ways to secure and protect your WordPress site. On average, 30,000 new websites are hacked each day.
Top 10 Steps to Protect WordPress Website
Top 10 Steps to Protect WordPress Website
  • BulletProof Security: WordPress Website Security Protection: Firewall Security, Login Security, Database Security… Effective, Reliable, Easy to use.
  • Wordfence Security: Wordfence Security is now Multi-Site compatible and includes Cellphone Sign-in which permanently secures your website from brute force hacks.
Protect WordPress Website
Protect WordPress Website

Install one of these three you don’t need to use out of these three but choose one of these three plugin, these security plugins are powerfully secure and protect your WordPress website.

Step 7# – Keep Your Site Clean

Keep your site clean by deleting plugins that you’re not using, if a lot of plugins are installed in your WordPress website that you did not use them, delete all inefficient plugin, you can also checkout the WordPress housekeeping page on click here.

Step 8# – Protect or Delete “readme.html”

Protect or delete “readme.html” from you WordPress website. Having the file readme.html available on a website tells a would-be hacker exactly what version of WordPress is being used. If someone hasn’t updated, say for example is still on 3.0 and not 3.0.1, a hacker then knows immediately what vulnerabilities there are. You should delete this file. It could be changed into a readme.php file where the is Admin() [or whatever it is] is checked but this reduces visibility for off-line folks. This is the same reasoning why the version isn’t published on each webpage on a site.

Delete readme.html
Delete readme.html

Delete readme.html: The readme.html file is also located in the root of your site. It provides basic information about installation, upgrading, system requirements & resources. It also displays the WordPress version you are running, which can be used by hackers to exploit vulnerabilities. You should delete this file.

Step 9# – Monitor for Malware

one of the most important thing is monitoring your website from malware. There some of website that it would check your website. The secure scanner searches for malware, viruses, and other security threat and vulnerabilities on your server and it helps you fix theme. Outdated and vulnerable software are one of the most common causes for website companies, malware and blocking. We identified it on your web site and we recommend that you take immediate action to remediate this. The secure website page, ( )

SUCURI is specialized in website antivirus and firewall. They help you to stop hack attempts, stop DDoS attack, clean hack and complete security to your website. WordPress security by SUCURI is probably the only thing you need to secure your WordPress website from Brute Force and many other security vulnerabilities.

Step 10# – Backup Your Website

Backup your WordPress website: your wordpress website database contains every post, every comment and every link you have on your website or blog. If your database gets erased or corrupted, you stand to lose everything you have written. There are many reasons why this could happen and not all are things you can control. With a proper backup of your WordPress website database and file, you can quickly restore things back to normal. I recommend you to read this article…”How to Backup Your WordPress Website to Dropbox & Restore Your Site”.


this post was about “Top 10 Steps to Protect WordPress Website”. I recommended you should protect WordPress website. I hope you learned something new from this post, if you have any question or any issue, leave your commend in the commend section below.

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