Telegram is one of the most popular massaging among the virtual users. Many people to send messages and contents use of this application and in several channels and membership. In this tutorial I going to show top”5 great Telegram security features you should be using already, it very important you have to know if you are using.

5 Grate Telegram Security Features You Should Use

There are 5 ways to secure your telegram, in the following tips you will learn, how to protect your telegram account, nowadays hackers become very powerful, they can hack your account if didn’t secure a they can influence on your telegram account, if you fear that maybe your account gets hacked, then you should learn this 5 tips.

Use Tow-Steps Verification

Another addition to the Privacy and Security section is Two Step Verification. It allows you to set up a password that will be required every time you log into your account from a new device – in addition to the code you get in the SMS.

To enable this feature, perform the following steps Telegram app.

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Privacy and Security>Click Two-Steps Verifications
  • Now choose “Set Additional password” select and enter a password of your choice. Finally, enter your email address to retrieve a forgotten password.
Telegram Security Features
Telegram Security Features

Be careful though: if you forget this password, you won’t be able to access your messages from other devices. We recommend setting up a recovery e-mail or at least a hint for your password, if you decide to turn on Two Step Verification.

Enable Passcode Lock

Telegram is a well-known messaging app that is largely focused on security with end-to-end encryption and other measures set in place to protect its users. But since people have shown time and time again that they will pick features over security, Telegram has been steadily adding a ton of tools and utilities across its platforms and today that includes a photo editor and a passcode locking system.

In order to give you more control in such cases, we are introducing passcodes. Starting today, you can lock your iOS or Android device with a passcode – a simple 4-digit PIN or a longer password. The iOS app, and soon the Android app as well, can use passwords to encrypt the local database against such extreme cases as phone theft.

Passcode Lock
Passcode Lock

Without entering this passcode, no one will be able to access your Telegram messages. When Telegram is locked, notifications about new messages will not include texts or sender names, so private data stays hidden from prying eyes.

Active Sessions

We know you love Telegram for its seamless multi-device sync. And since there are native Telegram apps for all major mobile, tablet and desktop OSs, a lot of you folks must be logged into your Telegram accounts from several devices at once.

Today’s Telegram update, adds Active Sessions to your Privacy and Security settings. This screen shows all your logged in devices with IP info. You can also close any sessions that are outdated or (God forbid!) suspicious.

Active Sessions
Active Sessions

Secret Chats

Secret chats use end-to-end encryption. This means that all data is encrypted with a key that only you and the recipient know. There is no way for us or anybody else without direct access to your device to learn what content is being sent in those messages. We do not store your secret chats on our servers. We also do not keep any logs for messages in secret chats, so after a short period of time we no longer know who or when you messaged via secret chats. For the same reasons secret chats are not available in the cloud — you can only access those messages from the device they were sent to or from.

Starting a secret chat in Telegram is easy. First, you need to select a contact with whom you want to chat. After selecting a contact, you will see the chat screen as shown below. Touch the profile photo at the top-right to open the Contact Info screen. You can see Start Secret Chat at the bottom of the Contact Info screen as shown below. Touch Start Secret Chat.

Secret Chate
Secret Chate

In the next screen, you can see some information about the secret chats, and a message showing that Telegram is waiting for the contact to get online. If the contact with whom you want to do secret chat is online, Telegram will take you to the chat screen where you can chat secretly. Enter the text you want to send and touch the paper plane icon on the right side.

Clear Cache Settings

The Telegram is an application similar to WhatsApp and allows file sharing of up to 1.5 GB through the smartphone. This feature is very useful, however, can quickly fill up your phone’s memory. Therefore, it is important to perform a clean device memory to prevent conversations taking up too much space on the internal storage.

Even Telegram keeping all these cloud file, the application also creates offline copies of them on your smartphone, which can fill the memory. Fortunately, Telegram offers the possibility to delete the cache app at any time to free up space.

Telegram Security Features
Telegram Security Features

Go into Settings → Cache Settings → Clear Cache to delete the photos, Videos and other files.

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